Unique Container Gardens

small garden landscapes


I can provide you with a variety of services to cure the brown thumb and help your gardening dreams come true.  These include:

  • Design and plant selection for small spaces, both indoor and outdoor
  • Consultation in choosing the right plants for success in your home or business
  • Advice for growing bountiful veg, gorgeous bloomers, and lasting green houseplants
  • Help identifying why your current plants aren’t thriving as they should
  • Coaching assistance with DIY projects when you are not sure of best practices
  • Buyback program for those who are moving and can’t take their plants with them
  • Maintenance program  reminders, via text or email.  Never forget to water and fertilize plants for optimal growth.
  • Continual support in case you run into problems with pests or plants don’t seem to be thriving
  • Finding and/or making unique containers using upcycled materials

I am currently taking clients on the Silver Coast of Zurich, generally from Enge to Richterswil.

Please contact me to schedule a free initial consultation.


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